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Plumbing System Maintenance


When it comes to structural and mechanical engineering, you can’t leave any stone un-turned. One small mishap with a repair can cause the structure to damaged. Excessive use of water can also cause a structure to need repair.

plumbing-comicThis is why we all have to work towards conserving as much as we can. We also have to work to keep the repairs to a minimum. Let’s look at some simple ways we can all do this.

1) Water use in the home is undeniable. Water usage needs to be at most 60 pounds per square inch. If it’s any more, this will cause some major damage to your home. It will happen on both the inside and outside.

2) Please make a note to check the water meter in your home. I am just like you, sometimes I forget to do it too. Just check it during a time when you are not using it. Take note of the level on the meter. Then, check it 8 hours later. If there is a significant difference, than there might be a water leak. If this is the case, you need to get it looked at and repaired right away.

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